Mouse Gestures Suite


Mouse Gestures Suite is based on (abandoned) Firefox extension All-in-One Gestures and has been modified to work with Seamonkey and later also with Firefox (since ver. 1.5.0). Many fixes and improvements have been made and new features added.

Main features:

Mouse gestures - performed by moving the mouse with a button depressed allow you to quickly navigate through pages, open/close tabs and windows and perform many other commands without having to use toolbar buttons, menus or keyboard shortcuts. A gesture consists of a series of mouse movements in one of 4 directions (up, down, left, right).

Rocker gestures - invoked by pressing one mouse button and then the other while keeping the first one pressed. By default used to go back and forward in browsing history but can be customized to do something else.

Scroll wheel in tab bar - you can switch between tabs by scrolling mouse wheel over the tab bar.

Scroll wheel navigation - perform your favourite actions by pressing a mouse button and scrolling mouse wheel at the same time.

Middle button scrolling - auto scroll pages or textareas by clicking the middle mouse button once (pressing and releasing) and then control the scrolling speed by moving the mouse or using arrow keys. Grab and Drag options allow you to scroll by moving the mouse while the middle button is depressed.

Link tooltip - see details about links as you hover over them with your mouse. Useful especially for browsing without the status bar like in full screen mode.

Custom functions (since version 2.0.0) - apart from a list of many predefined actions you can create your own functions for mouse gestures. Invoke any item command from the main menu or write your own script to execute.

All the above features work in the Browser component. Mouse and rocker gestures also work in Mail, Message, Mail Compose and View Page Source windows — the gesture movements are the same as those in Browser, however not all actions work in those other window types since not all of them are applicable there — see help for detailed information.

If you have any other mouse gestures extensions they may conflict with each other so please disable or uninstall them before trying out this one.